Gust Launch

Over $1.8 billion has been invested in startups through Gust.

90% of angel groups in North America use Gust.

Gust provides a suite of tools for startup founders, early-stage investors, and accelerators.

I worked with Gust in various roles over the years on multiple products. Most recently, as the Chief Creative Officer, I led a team of designers to create "Gust Launch" which enables startups to easily set up their company the right way. Through guided workflows, founders incorporate as an investor-friendly Delaware C-corp, create their Board, create a stock and option plan, issue stock and stock options, manage their cap table and more.

The disruptively simple way to help serious founders prepare for growth, funding, and a successful exit. Gust Launch makes it easy to start and run a high-growth business by integrating world-class services with the click of a button.

Howard Morgan
First Round Capital
Gust Launch screens

I have worked with many designers and I say with every fiber of truth and objectivity that none compare to Jun. She has bandwidth and output that is unlike anything I have ever seen. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Jun, leap towards it.

Justin Stanwix
Former Marketing Director, Gust
I used Google Docs to create content driven wireframes in order to easily collaborate with legal advisors and iterate quickly.
Gust Launch Google DocsGust Launch Google Docs
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